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Used by hundreds of libraries, educators & non-profits every day.

Cost-effective annual subscriptions

Subscriptions include unlimited access to chat, sharing, FAQ, and email modules.

Real-time Chat

Add live chat to any web page and integrate chat with the web products you already use.

Sharing Tool

Screenshare with guests in real time. Create annotated snapshots or screencasts to share or embed.


Build public-facing or internal searchable, browseable FAQ knowledge bases.


Integrates with chat to create a shared mailbox for staff. Track and categorize interactions with tags.

Optional subscription extras

Like salt and pepper, they'll spice up your base subscription.

Professional Backup Staffing

Our backup staffing partner, Chatstaff, helps patrons at academic and public libraries and is flexible to your needs, covering 24/7/365 or select hours. Chatstaff answers waiting patrons in less than 10 seconds on average! Chatstaff is not a co-op, so you will not have to staff for other libraries.


You'll receive a standard 10-digit phone number to advertise to guests. Incoming texts appear as chat messages to staff. Responses go back as texts to guests. Voice calls are forwarded to your regular phone. Texts received when offline go to email or are saved until you are next online.

Why LibraryH3lp?

LibraryH3lp is a sleek, open platform that interoperates easily with the products you already use. We avoid a "walled garden" approach so you are free to pick and choose what works best for you instead of wasting money on a bloated suite of tools that you don't use.

Answer Chats Anywhere

Each LibraryH3lp subscription includes unlimited user accounts. Access requires only a browser. There are no downloads, plugins, or extensions need. Access is also available from your favorite Jabber client on your desktop or mobile device.

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Professional Backup Staffing

Our partner, Chatstaff, provides coverage up to 24/7/365. All Chatstaff librarians are ALA-accredited and trained to deliver the same quality of help patrons have come to expect from you. Just think – patrons can connect with a human anytime, even at 3am.

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Expressive Sharing Tools

Words are great, but sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. LibraryH3lp's Sharing Tool offers screensharing where you can view the guest's screen, a snapshot feature that lets you annotate screenshots, and a screencasting feature to build movies.

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Be Everywhere

LibraryH3lp easily integrates with the web products you already use. Use with any CMS (like Wordpress, Drupal, LibGuides) or LMS (like Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai). Use with mobile apps like Boopsie. Embed chat in EBSCO, Summon, ProQuest, and more!

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Open API with SDK

LibraryH3lp is built upon standard protocols (like Jabber for chat) and can be accessed programmatically for custom development. With our APIs, you can create your own live chat apps and access all metadata associated with your subscription.

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We ♥ Library Consortia

LibraryH3lp scales easily from single libraries to collaborations between libraries to state-wide services and beyond. Chat with partner librarians at other libraries one-on-one or as a group. Transfer and cross-reference patrons between partners.

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Our clients are our superpower

We listen. Feedback and suggestions from hundreds of libraries, educators, and non-profits all across the world continuously and directly flow into day-to-day platform development and evolution.

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