What makes LibraryH3lp special?

LibraryH3lp is an open platform that interoperates easily with the products you already use, avoiding a "walled garden" approach to product development where you get locked into a single provider for everything.  We believe that you should be able to mix and match products to seamlessly join solutions that best suit your needs.

From the start, LibraryH3lp has been privacy-first. We believe a privacy-first approach complements the ethical direction and vision embraced by most libraries and non-profits, though privacy and handling of personal data is a growing concern for everyone.

Finally, our overarching goal is to create quality customer service tools that are affordable for everyone. We continually explore ways to keep costs low for our customers while keeping software quality excellent.


The premier software platform preferred by hundreds of libraries, educators, and non-profits for excellence in customer service.

Unlimited chat and optional texting

We use the XMPP (Jabber) chat protocol for chat, not a proprietary, closed method so there are lots of staffing software options. Each subscription includes unlimited concurrent user accounts.

Unlimited screensharing / snapshots

With screensharing, you see what the guest sees in real time. You can also annotate and share screen snapshots or images with guests. Both tools are a powerful way to communicate visually with guests.

Unlimited knowledge bases

Provide 24/7 self-service with the FAQ module. Build internal-only and public-facing searchable FAQs that work standalone or embedded within any web page. Import existing knowledge bases or start from scratch.

Unlimited email

Transition from chat to email or start there. Shared mailboxes keep all emails organized, labeled, and in one place for better customer service follow up. Includes archive and search features.

Privacy-first and secure

Chat transcript storage is optional and off as a privacy default. Once stored, transcripts can be deleted any time. Anonymize chat metadata to further remove identifying personal information such as IP addresses.

Optional back-up staffing

Our partner, Chatstaff, works with academic and public libraries to provide back-up staffing 24/7/365 or select hours. Chatstaff also helps implement your service, process analytics, maintain FAQs, and more.

Extensive APIs

Most of the system is available for programmatic access by your developers. SDK available in Python.

World-wide availability

We offer regional servers based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Simple, affordable pricing

We publish our prices openly, no need to contact us for a quote unless you're in an unusual circumstance. Subscriptions include unlimited chats, FAQs, and user accounts. Text messaging is an inexpensive add-on.

Unparalleled, unrestricted free trial

Our trials are lengthy (90 days minimum), fully-featured, and have no strings attached. During the trial, you'll build your real service, putting it into production before paying even a dime.

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